Thursday, May 28, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation

So I was supposed to have about 10 weeks after school let out to finish preparing for baby - you know basic things like birthing class, tour of the hospital, packing a bag, finishing putting away 6 years of teaching supplies. :)
I got the biggest shock of the day shortly after I sent Hubby to run some errands and was about to settle down for a nap. My doctor came in. I assumed he was going to say "Let's get you out of here tomorrow," or something like that.
Even though things have settled down, he and the high-risk doctor want me to stay until I deliver. I said, "Here in the hospital?" "Yes." They want to be able to monitor Buddy and I every day, and since they don't know what caused the bleeding and contractions, they want me here should anything happen.
My motherly instinct feels relieved that I have a doctor who is concerned enough to keep me here to be safe. The control-freak, checklist, have-to-have-a-plan side of me thinks, "What?!"
So here I will be until further notice. I can't say thank you again enough for everyone asking, "What can we do?" At this point, I don't know yet. I am hoping to figure out what a routine will be like here. Hubby starts his new job on Monday, so visitors during the day will most definitely help me pass the time. I will update more on here once I know more.

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