Monday, May 25, 2009


We are sitting here in my hospital room with not a lot to do but sit right now. Hubby was able to go home for a bit, let the dog out, bring me some things (including his computer), so I thought I would update everyone since there is nothing else I can really do right now.
I woke up this morning (after many wake-ups throughout the night to use the bathroom as usual) and noticed I was bleeding. This is not a normal thing at this point of the pregnancy. So I called the nurse on call at my doctor's office, and they had me come in to the hospital. Buddy did not move at all this morning, even after drinking some water before we left. (He usually moves when I drink something.) We arrived at the hospital L&D triage, and got hooked up to some monitors, asked questions, etc. Heartbeat looked good right away, and shortly after being hooked up to monitors baby started moving some.
The doctor on-call was in surgery for quite awhile, but everyone at the hospital was helpful and kind. Ultrasound of baby looked good - he is 3 lbs and according to the ultrasound due August 8. They did an ultrasound of the cervix which at the time looked to be 2 cm dilated. I was moved from L&D triage to a room in labor and delivery.

This afternoon the dr. came in. I don't know if I can explain this like she did by drawing a picture, but my cervix isn't thinning at this point nor dilated in the way they thought. It is shortening and there is something called funneling going on. Again, her picture explained it better than words. Since this is my first pregnancy to get this far, they have nothing really to compare it to for me specifically. My cramping is contractions, but it is irregular and what the nurse is calling "contractionettes." The bleeding has gone down, and my cramping is almost non-existant. The doctor has said at this point I am not in pre-term labor, but I am at high-risk for pre-term labor. They went ahead and gave me a shot of steroids for Coleridge's lungs and will give me another tomorrow afternoon. I am in the hospital until at least tomorrow after that shot. They can't tell me if I will go into labor soon or will make it the full time - there is just no way to know right now. The good thing is the dr. said that even if I went into labor right now,Buddy's chances are very good. They have me on the monitors, and Buddy is keeping us on our toes by continuing to move a lot so that they have to readjust my monitors every so often.
So now we just sit and wait. I will update tomorrow most likely, and my mom has been good about putting things on facebook for me since that is a great way to send information fast.
THANK YOU everyone for praying. Although really scared this morning, I feel so much better after hearing from the doctor and being taken care of here. We really appreciate your thoughts, words, and prayers.

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