Sunday, May 3, 2009

Graduation Weekend

Hubby graduated Friday earning his Master's in Psychology. Not only did he graduate, but he earned the Outstanding Graduate Student Award. I am so proud.

Wednesday night my mom arrived, Thursday evening we had dinner with the Nevada crew, Friday was graduation and more eating festivities followed by some card playing later that night, Saturday my mom left in the morning to go back home and I caught up on some sleep in the late afternoon/early evening, and this afternoon we hung out with family some more over lunch. My eating and sleeping schedule is very thrown off! :)
Buddy enjoyed the graduation festivities, though I was glad to have a seat on the aisle since graduation lasted awhile.
Hubby has been offered a job in town which he would start June 1. He still has a few internship hours to wrap up this month. We have been praying through some decisions we need to make in regards to the future - especially decisions concerning the next months. My prayer life had been pretty dismal until recently, but the Lord has been speaking to me a lot about faith, trust, and sacrifice - all very difficult things for me. A great deal of the lessons I have been learning the last couple of weeks have been on the theme of "seasons." The season of student has ended (for now) for us, the season of parenting is about to begin, and we are watching to see what else this season of our life is going to bring us. Change, we know, we just aren't sure of all of the details yet. I hope to share more about this portion of our journey, but at this point I need to wait until I am certain about which doors are opening and closing for us.

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