Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 3

I was released from the hospital a little before noon. I was able to get a little rest in at home this afternoon as well. We made it to the hospital two more times to see Buddy, plus Uncle Fman, Aunt Missa, and Meemaw went to visit him when we weren't up there.
The nurse says he is doing well. From the tests they do they can tell what the machines are doing and how much Buddy is doing, and he is doing a lot. They are going to run some more tests tonight and maybe try to take him off his breathing tube. We will know if they did that when we go back tomorrow. They also gave him some caffeine today. They will be doing that every morning because it helps with breathing/lungs, I think they said. So I told Buddy he will be like his Great Aunt Karin who needs her coffee in the morning just to function. :) This kid will be ready for Starbucks in no time!
Being the typical teacher, I decided to bring up books for Hubby and I to read today. I read "Are You My Mother?", which one of my childhood favorites, and Hubby read "You Are Special" by Max Lucado. There was a dedication page in it from Meghan, a friend of mine in high school because she gave it to me as a gift. Hubby read that dedication page, and it was so fitting - the well wishes and prayers from then applied today. Amazing how words still speak to you ten years later.

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