Friday, April 3, 2009

Triple P

I am in week 21/22 (depending on which due date you use), and I have to say the second trimester has been so much better than the first. Especially this latest month. The nausea has subsided for the most part, I am enjoying eating again (perhaps a little too much today at the staff luncheon), and even the headaches are less frequent.
However, my backpain, especially in the evenings, is terrible. I experienced leg and back pain in high school and a bunch of tests were run because of the unusual way I walk. (By the way, part of what those tests concluded was that the way I walk is not a choice - it is neurological.) This is much worse. There are moments I yelp in pain. It is in the evening and when I get up in the morning. I hobble around when I get up from a seated position like I am 88 instead of 28. Apparently this is called "posterior pelvic pain." Doesn't that sound awful? First of all, I never really thought of my pelvis as having a posterior. I just thought my posterior was my posterior. And anything involving the words pelvic and pain can never be good.
I think the pain is not as bad during the day at work because I am up and moving, and when I am seated, the chair isn't soft and cushy. My couch at home is soft and cushy, and I have spent most evenings of the past 16 or so weeks sprawled out on that couch from 5-10 PM. I am afraid the couch is not helping my problem, so I am currently typing at my kitchen table to see if my back feels better getting up from the not-so-comfy wooden chair. Trial test one of getting up from chair to standing was much less painful than all transitions from the couch (though still achy).
I have also read that I can do exercises to help. I laugh at this idea. My Evangel friends know how well I faired in Lifetime Fitness class. They also know how many times I frequented the Mabee Fitness Center. (ummm - I think just for Harvest Fest and Spring Fling - not to work out!) This just seems like a strange phase in my life to become physically active. I checked out a Pregnancy Pilates DVD from the library. The lady's voice annoyed me. I turned the DVD off about 7 minutes into it. Maybe if it was Bob from Biggest Loser I would do better. (Not likely as I have a Biggest Loser DVD featuring Bob that I have used maybe 8 times!) I have a book with pregnancy exercises, but I am not sure if I am doing them right (the three I have tried), and I don't want to pull something that shouldn't be pulled.
I hope as the weather is better now that it is spring, I will do some walking and that will help. Or perhaps a weekly prenatal massage is the cure! Somehow I think I will not be curing the Triple P.

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