Monday, April 20, 2009

sugar, sugar

Tomorrow afternoon I take the glucose test. I hope I do not gag on the sugary drink. I have always been a gagger. Then between the drink and an hour later when they draw my blood (that's what they do, right?), I have my monthly doctor visit which will last at least 20 min. in the waiting room for a 2 min. visit with the doc. I should have gone to medical school. :)
Also tomorrow 2 large boxes of stuff, a chair, a book shelf, and a really nice desk (from the infamous Mom vs. Connie-fiasco at the Yuma Staples) will be picked up for donation to a local charity so that things from the nursery-to-be can fit in the room known as the office. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will get more organized and ready.
We are thrilled that a travel system (stroller/carseat) has been ordered for us - thanks Mom! So now we know that Buddy will have a way to get home from the hospital. :) It was a bit of an ordeal at Toys'R'Us, but now we are just waiting for it to get here since it wasn't in stock.
That is really all that is happening.

Update - Tuesday - The drink wasn't that bad. They gave me lemon-lime and it was very cold. There wasn't that much to drink either. I was expecting more. I did get a headache and some nausea a little later, but I don't know if that is related or not. Doctor said baby sounded good, I was measuring fine, weight gain was fine (since I was so sick first trimester), but he did prescribe some antibiotic for this weird bump that has been on my neck for awhile. I'm not thrilled about taking medicine while pregnant, but we need to see if the bump will go down. I go back in 5 weeks instead of 4 because I don't want to take another 1/2 day of work, especially during the last week of school.

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