Monday, April 27, 2009

Stroller and Names

Our travel system arrived today. M put it together. Apparently Ebby was a bit freaked out by it, but she seems to be getting over her fear as she is sniffing it as I type. She doesn't like it when I roll it towards her, haha.
(If the image doesn't appear on your screen (it doesn't on mine), just click the little blue question mark box for a picture.) The stroller is black and gray and lime green. The picture appears more yellow-green than the lime green it is in real life.

I am trying to figure out what Buddy will call my parents. Buddy is the 4th grandchild on Hubby's side, so names have already been decided for those grandaparents - Papa Bob (Mike's dad), Grandma Patti (Mike's mom), and Grandpa Bob (Mike's stepdad). My mom's parents have always been Mimi and Papa (I was the first grandkid so I guess I had dibs on "naming" them) and my dad's parents are Grandpa and Grandma M_____. Of course I know that Buddy will ultimately get to decide what he's calling them by what comes out of his mouth when he begins talking, however... feel free to vote in the poll. This is not a democracy, however, and the poll results really don't matter, haha.
(And Babushka is in there just for you, Melissa B!)

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