Saturday, April 11, 2009

Morning Person

Buddy is taking after Hubby and not me. He is already a morning person.
I am thankful for the kicks and the movement. I, more than many I think, realize what a blessing that daily confirmation is.
It is hard to go back to sleep when someone is punching your stomach. Baby apparently thinks that my 7:30 Saturday morning potty trip is his wake-up call. He is the only person who doesn't get a crabby response when waking me up from my much loved sleep. I must love him a lot! :) Luckily with this wake-up call there is no crying or dirty diapers. I know that is coming in just a few months.
And I know my family is loving the fact that I am up before 8 every Saturday morning.
But I would wake up at 5 every Saturday if that's what it would take to continue reassuring me that things are okay.

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