Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break is now over. While the lazy-tired-want-to-wear-sweatpants-all-of-the-time mourns the end of the week off, I also realize I just have 8 more weeks left of teaching for this school year, and then comes summer vacation and 6 weeks of maternity leave after that!
M had classes/intership/comprehensive exams this week, so we didn't go anywhere. I thought I might drive up to Illinois for a few days, but 7+ hours there and 7+ hours back did not seem so appealing. In college I made the drive with friends or by myself, and if I was by myself I could go the whole way stopping only for gas and food - no potty break needed back then. However, my bladder-of-steel days are over, and I have lower back pain, so a road trip to M-town did not sound like such a fun idea. (No offense, M-towners.)
My Spring Break did consist of:
*Wellness Night
*A prenatal massage
*Coffee with friends
*Lunch with grad school friends I hadn't seen in too long
*Moving a couple of things out of the nursery - it is going to look worse in there before it looks better, I think
*Cooking more than I usually do including a delicious pot roast like Mom makes
*Attempting pre-natal pilates via DVD - that didn't really go so well. If I wasn't coordinated pre-pregnancy, what made me think I would be coordinated now?
*James Brownie Funky Jackhammer - peanut butter, frozen custard, brownie, and hot-fudge - a mini-vacation in a cup.
*Staying in comfy clothes much of the day if I wanted
*Waking up at 8 and then staying in bed until 10 just feeling Baby Mac move around (He apparently is a morning person, unlike his mama, because I can feel him every morning now - amazing!)
*And of course, finding out we are having a boy. Hubby and I are so thankful for everyone's kind words - whether by phone call, facebook, or other method.

A picture of Baby Mac and I enjoying Andy's Frozen custard. I know most of our California family doesn't know of Andy's, but it is won-der-ful. Baby really likes it.

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