Saturday, March 21, 2009


Over lunch today Hubby and I each took a look at each other's potential first name lists. From there we each circled a few names we liked (which on the boy list were very few we liked of each other's), and then we also brainstormed possible middle names. We tried using some sort of family name for the middle name whenever it sounded nice. So here is our list. We ask that if you are making comments about the name you keep your negative comments to yourself. Since I am a teacher I already have enough bad associations with names, I don't need any more. Haha. :) Positive/neutral comments are encouraged.

Boy Names:
Sawyer - Sawyer Michael, Sawyer Robert, Sawyer Maroon
Isaiah - Isaiah Maroon
Micah - Micah Palmer, Micah Miller
Cameron - Cameron Joshua, Cameron Palmer

Girl Names:
Cameryn (not quite sure on spelling yet) - Cameryn Joyce, Cameryn Palmer
Elyse - We like the name but haven't found a middle name yet we like to go with it
Isabella - Isabella Mae, Isabella Maroon
Charlotte - Charlotte Ann, Charlotte Louise
Lydia - Lydia Grace, Lydia Jane
Katelyn - Katelyn Beatrice, Katelyn Jane
Sydney - Sydney Ann, Sydney Lyn

Update/Edit: Isaiah Palmer is now off of the list. Thank you, Aunt Deanna for pointing out the I.P. initials could cause some teasing for our child. Very good point and insight since you had to contend with the P/Palmer issue for your own children. :)

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