Monday, March 23, 2009

It's 4 AM - Do you know where your children are?

I hesitated posting a complaint. However, when I look back on my pregnancy, I think it will be important for me to remember the highs and the lows.
My child - or rather my pregnancy hormones, I guess - has had me up for over an hour suffering from the worst heartburn of my life. Seriously. If I could chop off the top third of my body and be okay, I would. And I am guessing the heartburn has caused the headache.
I didn't even eat anything spicy.
But here I am at 4 AM sitting up right and eating yogurt. Apparently yogurt is supposed to help. Lucky for me, I bought some at the store on Sunday.
In happier news... in 6 hours I will be finding out the gender of this child who has already given me so much joy in addition to the rounds of nausea, backaches, headaches, and now heartburn.

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