Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm sure now

I have been posting a lot this week, but this is exciting. Last night I was lying down in bed trying to get to sleep amidst my every 15 minute bathroom trips I take from about 7:00-11:00 P.M. As I am lying there I feel something very strange in my lower belly especially on the right side. It felt like a rolling pin rolling out dough. That was a pretty cool feeling because I was pretty sure that it was Baby Mac.
Then a little later I am almost asleep when I feel this somersault in my belly. It was so strong and surprising that I yelped out "Oh!" waking up Hubby who was almost asleep.
So now I can confidently say I have felt the baby. Before I thought I had, but now I have no doubt, and that makes me very happy.

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