Tuesday, March 3, 2009

feeling a little more real

I have spent the past two days sick at home with a virus. :( Head, nose, throat, ears, and then vomitting this morning at work. (And I get evening sickness folks, not morning sickness.) I went to work this morning, but ended up leaving. I hate to use my sick days for anything non-baby related, and have been lucky to not have to so far this year. Anyhoo...

This afternoon I had a regularly scheduled dr. appointment. The heartbeat was checked (it took a few seconds to find which freaked me out momentarily), but it was there and good. They had me sign a "consent to deliver" form which basically said there could potentially be a lot of people in the delivery room helping with the event, and that I intend to have my dr. deliver the baby, etc. The doctor had me pre-register for my future trip to the hospital. And most exciting is three weeks from today we will have our ultrasound! We are finding out the gender (something I previously thought I didn't want to do, but now that we are I am really excited). I am very excited to see a baby that will look like a baby. Last time we got a peek he/she was just a grain of rice.

On Saturday M and I looked at strollers/carseats. We found a set we really like. So that started my itch to register. When we got married we didn't really register for much - just towels and some basic dishes/kitchen items. We didn't have really any wedding showers (except one work through me after I eloped), so it has been fun just looking at stuff at Target online and Babies'R'Us and clicking a wishlist. A few of my girlfriends who have recently had babies have been me some hints on what is good and what isn't, so it is a work in progress.

Things are starting to feel a little more real. I get worried every time we have a doctor appointment that something will be wrong, but it isn't, so I breathe easy for awhile each time afterwards.

That's all that is new here. I am drinking lots of fluids and trying to rest to kick this bug. Off to take a nap.

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