Thursday, March 26, 2009

An excuse to go shopping

There was a kids' sale today at the local fair grounds, so I headed that way around lunch time, not knowing exactly what to expect. Would it be trashy? Would it be chaotic? Surprisingly everything there was very well organized and clean. I could have spent a lot of money, but I refrained. I bought a few blue clothing items, a swaddle blanket, and a sleep sack for very cheap. I also found bedding for the baby's room. We had found some we liked and registered for at Target, but it was SO expensive. I just can't justify spending $200 on baby bedding. So when I found something I liked today that was still in the package - 6 piece set including mobile - for $30 I grabbed it. So our nursery will now have an airplane theme with light blue and light green. I am very pleased.

And here's Ebby checking out what is soon going to take over "her" space.

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