Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it you??

So I think I felt the baby tonight.
I belong to an "expecting in August" group online, and there have been gals on there feeling their babies (or claiming to have felt them) since week 10.
I do not want to be the type to claim something that is not true.
That being said, I think I felt Baby Mac tonight. It was low in the belly (apparently that is where it is supposed to be according to a friend). It didn't feel like digestion or gas or any other normal feeling. It did not feel like a butterfly. (But seriously what is that supposed to feel like?) It felt like hamster feet (without the weight of a hamster) dancing in my belly for a minute or two or something sniffing inside my belly. I know that sounds weird - but is it weirder than saying it feels like a butterfly?
And I am 17ish weeks pregnant, so it could be. My doctor said last appointment that I would probably feel something before/around my next appointment (which is next week).
I just wish I was 100% sure. It would be nice if a little light would appear on my belly that blinked "This is your baby you feel."

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