Sunday, February 22, 2009

current cravings

Not a whole lot to update. The sickness has definitely eased up - just sick a couple of nights a week instead of more frequently. Smells are affecting me less (except the smells of broccoli, sloppy joes and fish sandwiches wafting down the hallway and up the stairs from the school cafeteria). I am starting to enjoy food a little bit again.
Current cravings the last few weeks:
- pineapple - I have been enjoying this most of the pregnancy
- Berry, Berry Kix
- chili cheese (for example the queso dip from McAlister's and today's chili cheese dog I ate for lunch)
- sweet tea (I am limiting this due to the caffeine)
- bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches from McDonald's (I would eat one everyday if I could afford to do so)
- donuts
- lemonade
- sleep - okay this isn't a food but I would sleep all day every day if it was possible

Now for things that I crave but have not eaten (yet)
- breadsticks from Pizza Hut - haven't had them in years but I really want them
- In-n-Out - Please, someone send me a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake
- frosted sugar cookies

Hubby and I went to TGIFridays (yay gift cards) Friday night and we shared the Ghiardeli (spelling?) brownie dessert thing --- Oh my! To die for!! I think I could have eaten the whole thing by myself. Mmmm- brownie, hot fudge, caramel, ice cream, hold the pecans - YUM! Are you all hungry yet?

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