Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aug. 8 or Aug. 3?

Had my appointment on Tuesday. The dr. has my due date right now at Aug. 8 (though last appointment he had told me he thought I was a little further along). This is a little frustrating because he hasn't done an ultrasound to confirm this due date or how far along I am. The only ultrasound we had was at 5/6 weeks. Oh well. In my mind my due date is still Aug. 3 until I have a picture to prove how far along I am. Plus Aug. 3 would be more convenient for me, haha.
The doctor did say the heartbeat was fast and strong. I go back first Tuesday in March, and then a few weeks after that they should send me to get my official ultrasound.
In exciting news... we are getting a FAMILY-FRIENDLY vehicle. (As in safer than our current vehicles that are on their last legs.) We have been saving for quite some time, as well as investigating what kind of car to purchase, and God completely opened the door for us to purchase a 2006 Scion from friends of ours. And the best thing is we will still not have car payments because this purchase was within our budget. I think we are going to go pick it up tomorrow.

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