Saturday, January 24, 2009

Forget the last post

Yeah - about an hour after I wrote the last post, I started feeling awful. I won't go into details, but I have spent our 4th anniversary sick, sick, sick. Baby Mac has not enjoyed any of the food I have eaten today.
Hubby continues to take such good care of me - getting me a glass of water, rubbing my back as my head leans over a certain bathroom feature, and now running out to get ice cream. I am hoping ice cream will make me feel better. My mom sent me Lago's hot fudge (a little shop from back home) for my birthday - so we'll see if Baby Mac knows quality chocolate when he/she gets it. :)
As yucky as I feel right at this moment, I know that pregnancy is a gift, and many people I love have been unable to experience this yet and want to. I will try to keep the complaining to the minimum because I know these moments of "will this ever stop" are going to result in a lifetime of something wonderful.

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